Materials in Motion

As a graduate student, one of my professors (Dr. Christina Bain) is constantly coming up with quirky projects that encourage us to explore various subjects through arts-based research (ABR). Prior to my time at the University of Texas, I was unfamiliar with ARB and the unlimited possibilities it provides. As Dr. Bain introduced ABR in my first semester, I immediately connected with it and realized I’d already been doing it! In a class that explored contemporary issues in art education, we were asked to select a topic and create a stop motion video. There’s no need to lie, it was hard and I absolutely cursed her name and the project, the week it was due. However, once I had completed the assignment and put the zillion images together, I was excited to share it with my professor and class.

Since creating my own stop motion, I’ve been attempting to plan projects for my students (and myself) that push comfort zones and open new ways of creating. If you have similar projects or ideas for ABR, please share!

*Dr. Bain is totally aware I had choice words about this project…. 🙂

More old men -or- educational theorist

As I’m working to complete my final semester of graduate school (🤞🏻), I’m enrolled in a curriculum course. One of our recent projects was to explore the lives and work of various theorist, working in education. The project required: 1-2 page paper, theorist trading card (with portrait and symbol to represent theorist), creative presentation (poems, songs, etc.), and a project reflection. Above are the trading cards developed by my class. This project was developed and taught by Dr. Christina Bain at The University of Texas at Austin.

Who is George Sylvester Counts…

Do you know George S. Counts? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either! Counts was a leading educational theorist who shared his philosophies with the world and contributed to the evolution of education. Below is a working version of a children’s book developed to share the life of George Counts with my fellow graduate students.

In May, I’ll be teaching a Zine (mini-magazine/book) workshop at UMLAUF for Kids Kraft and can’t wait to use some of the following techniques with students.


Move over Martha

A few months ago, I was asked to do a segment on KEYE’s We Are Austin for UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum and it was a blast! Since then I’ve gone on the show to generate buzz for some of the amazing family programming at UMLAUF. Looking for something great for your children to do? Checkout the UMLAUF’s website, here.

Day Dos

Camp: Creatures! Sculpture, June 13-17 

Class Count: 13 (K-2) -I lost two students (brother and sister) and gained one.

Activities Planned: Word game, Animal sketching, Pipecleaner creatures, game, Creature homes, dance break, clean-up, gallery

Books: The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak & Beastly Verse by Joohee Yoon

                book-with-no-pictures-bj-novak-e1413310353263    tumblr_nkan6t7eP31t3i99fo1_12802

Class Music: Kids Bop via Spotify

Personal Mood: Before class I was in a fabulous mood and wearing overalls. After class I was tired, hungry and super hot. It can be summed up with this image.

A sweaty, exhausted Ms. Amelia

Reflection: To be added later.